Kuniru Completes UnFound Accelerator for Platform Co-operatives



The first program of its kind in the world, UnFound is a startup accelerator for platform co-operatives. The ten week business support program delivered by Cooperatives UK and supported by The Cooperative Bank is for teams at the early stage of setting up their platform co-operative startup.

Building on the almost 200-year-old history of cooperatives, and the digital platform model, UnFound accelerates the development of startups that combine and reconfigure the best features of these two models to create a distinctive, innovative approach.

UnFound - Making the digital economy our own

We were honoured to have been selected to join the UnFound accelerator as part of their second cohort, along with 8 new generation startups taking their first steps on the road to becomming future-proof businesses. UnFound's aim is to make sure that new platform co-operatives can survive and thrive in today's digital economy rather than being swallowed up by it.

As a business support programme, UnFound introduces a powerful way to embed vision, values, principles and ethics at the core of a new business. Over ten weeks, participants were guided through an approach that linked founder's vision and values to the governance structures, product metrics, marketing and branding of their startup.

We're grateful for our UnFound experience and we're looking forward to availing of the continuing mentorship and supports on this path.